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Two Chaos Magic Practices

We would be living in a much healthier world if people made a mindful,
vibratory evaluation of any solid, liquid or gas that they
chose to become part
of  their body. At any decision nexus you can choose to make this a practice.

Exile Nation Front Cover (RS Large) 32

Exile Nation: “Escape From New York”

The author moves on to New
York City for the 2004 Republican National Convention, participates in the
largest public demonstrations since the height of the Vietnam War, and
ends up mass-arrested and stuck in a prison camp with 2000 other
peaceful protestors.

Exile Nation Front Cover (RS Large) 26

Exile Nation: “Morpheus With A Mohawk”

The author befriends indie journalist and publisher Sander Hicks, who recounts the terrifying saga of Jim Hatfield, Vox, and George W. Bush, another truth odyssey that reveals the true nature of power, and the consequences of challenging those who wield it. Along the way, he discovers there is a serious field of study lurking behind the label of "conspiracy theory."

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