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The Battle to Save Mt. Shasta

In California, fire and water are the big worries. How can we ensure having enough fresh water? How can we avoid out of control wildfires? In this dialogue, Dr. Arielle Halpern and Andy Fusso of the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center discuss serious threats facing the Mt. Shasta area, how indigenous cultures can teach us about solving problems, their lives before they became Water Protectors, and more.


Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share

Sharing seeds may sound innocuous enough, yet this increasingly popular exchange—and wider seed access—is under attack by agriculture officials interpreting seed laws and powerful corporations expanding their proprietary and market control.

Permaculture Festival small

Brooklyn Welcomes 1st Ever NYC “Permaculture Festival”

find the others” at NYC’s 1st ever “Permaculture Festival” at the Old
Stone House, in Park Slope. Permaculture veteran, Claudia Joseph, will be our
host for the day as we learn new skills for healing the earth and
ourselves, eat delicious food, connect with others and celebrate the fall

STC Prop 0

Squat the Condos!!!

In 2010, I released a album called "Squat the Condos!" Little did I know, two years later, a world-wide movement would emerge that addressed many of the points raised on the album. Occupy has unleashed the warrior spirit of
everyday people. This spirit destroys what is no longer necessary,
fights what is oppressive, and builds what is now needed.


Intuition and Acupuncture

I had always dreamed of writing full time, but instead of being able to delve in with
complete focus, I developed a pattern of procrastination and
self-loathing. There was something missing. A voice was whispering, just beyond my
hearing. Then I had a cathartic realization
that there really are doors of perception.


The Recovery of the Human

It's possible for a relationship between people that passes through a machine
to avoid being a relationship of compulsion and control, but it takes work. The more that human life
and interactions are defined by machines, the more difficult this tends
to become. It is crucial that we rediscover the possibilities of our own humanity.

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