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Musica Speculativa – Occult Roots in Sound and Vision (Part 1)

It is from the secret pages of the ‘Book of Nature’ that the original meaning of the ‘occult’ was first drawn. As lovely as one finds the careful curve of a daimonic sigil, the cunning craft of a cautiously cut wand, or the potent poesis evoked by a proper turn of mantric phrase, these are but aesthetic adornments lavished on deeper essential elements. Music remains one of the most powerful ways to return our attention to the secret root at the heart of occultism.

Wet Dreams: Semen out of Place (SOOP)

Celibacy, seminal retention, castration and Spermatorrhea all come from male-centered cultures and religions. Saving seed/oil/money from spilling and anxiety around wet dreams were also entangled in the cross-cultural need to distinguish dry men from wet women

Indigo Kids

Indigos see, feel, and experience life differently than their
more mainstream counterparts. They are highly creativite and sensitive, and have fierce energy to channel. They can be a deeply powerful force for

Natural is Sweet When Sweet is Natural

The human body is not attracted to what is harmful to it. Our bodies give us signs — "symptoms" — to let us know that some sort of input is not conducive to
optimal functioning. Being in tune with the natural world is key
to well being. So, how does this relate to

Psycheology: The Study of the Soul

Healing takes place when we get underneath our modern imago, persona, or
personality, to rest at the ground of our being — to naturally unfold according
to our perfect, inner template for development.

Universal Religion

A group of Adepts, determined to stop the world's downward course into materialism, caused a spiritual influx to be thrown down into America. Great souls from Atlantis incarnated into the bodies of North American Indians. It was they who brought forward the movement of Spiritualism.

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