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The Physics of Dreaming (Part 1)

The discoveries of quantum physics require a novel response in us which, when more fully understood and integrated, will irrevocably change us─both on the individual level and as a species.


Tribalism in the Twenty-First Century

As a world consciousness we are on the first wave of the new era.  Looking back over major social transitions for the last two
millennia, this is the first time in history such a shift involves the entire world. We are united in the great collective unconscious, but that is now becoming increasingly the collective consciousness.


Toward a Spiritual Economics

Many people think that capitalism and market economics grew
out of materialist philosophy that classical physics has given us. But this is
myopic thinking of people who have missed the evolution of consciousness in the
affairs of the manifest world.

The Egyptian Pursuit of Happiness

Consciousness is a continuous process of unfolding, punctuated by
dislocations and reunions; the Osiris myth marks many of the key points in this
evolution. Indeed, it is a priceless alchemical myth of existence given to us
by nature and sculpted by humankind.

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Mother Nature’s Son

In March and April, the air is heady with religious themes.  The resurrection is re-enacted in the budding trees and sprouting flowers miraculously coming to life where once lay a blanket of snow.  We get multiple Jesuses in the ER this time of year.

Chichen Itza smaller

Clearing the Road: Lessons from the Ancient Maya

I sincerely doubt there will be any peak moment of terrestrial catastrophe in connection with the passing of 13 pik (December 21, 2012). Yet I still feel compelled to scream out a warning. The natural world bestowed upon us by infinitely complex processes of creation, in many very real ways, is actually ending.


The Impossibility of Postmodern Innocence

Postmodernism is not a philosophy with which we may agree or not; it is our condition. We cyborgs, produced through militarism and patriarchal capitalism, are without innocence because we don't deny this; we appropriate these identities in order to take pleasure in the confusion of boundaries.

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