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Souldish NYC: 12/18-24

This week on Souldish enjoy the guitar music of Gabriel Gray of Datura, get nearly naked at a Steamy Dance Party at the Russian Baths, go deep with Psybotik 13, and groove to drum n' bass at Konkrete Konspiracy's Khristmas party.

All About Venus 12.4.2014

Since the Moon is in Venus’ sign today, and since Venus is prominent in today’s sky, trining Jupiter in fire, let’s look at Venus a little more in depth.

J. R. R. Tolkien and the Intensified Trajectory of Consciousness

While Tolkien might be surprised to find his fantasy works compared with
the enthnography of Amazonian Indians drinking psychoactive brews, his
depictions of characters singing over plant medicine in the forest reminds us how the Amazonian shaman will icarar the marirí of the plants into
manifestation in the world.

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