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Small Moments, Many Times

Zen-ish people are always saying "This is it, there's nothing to get, it's all here now," but I never really thought they meant it! Did they really mean this is as good as it gets? Surely they must be referring to some other version of this that will come along later, once I really understand that "this is it, here and now."

Michael Lukas Leopold Willmann 001

Dream Interruptus

I had been so excited in that bedroom. Yet I had been called from lovemaking by something strong. How many lives was I living right now? Which of the dreams was most real?


Your Father is Dick

[Must Not Sleep] • "In a way, you could say that it's impossible to know who Dick is, or how many Dicks there really are. Maybe there are endless Dicks in the universe, morphing from one tyrannical father figure to another." Episode 15 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.


Onward to Afghanistan: Midwifery in A Warzone

How many friends do you have who died in childbirth? Can you imagine one in seven, as it would be if you lived in northern Afghanistan? What does "reproductive freedom" mean in an environment where mothers are dying in childbirth on a regular basis?