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FInal Front Cover High Res1

An Iboga Quest for the Cure for Addiction

“When Moughenda told me that iboga assists in spiritual awakening and brings someone to meet their own soul, I immediately replied, ‘Oh, you mean it can bring you to the beginning of Creation.’ He responded with a resounding, ‘Yes, exactly!’”

Pluto cover1

Pluto and the Death of God

Pluto appeared as the Roaring Twenties gave way to the Great Depression and the world marched toward Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Already in 1930, those who cared (or dared) to scry the forces at work behind the scenes could feel the rising heat.


Syllable and Sound

It is the ultimate estranging Enlightenment thing to
reduce God to an entity that, like the brain, can be weighed and compared pound
to pound. But then once you have taken that plunge, it is hard to resist going
the whole hog. Is he middle class? Is he even a guy?

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