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Two Psychedelic Conferences a World Apart

Over the course of two consecutive weekends, I flew between
Entheogenesis Australis (EGA), Australia's premier gathering of
psychedelic pioneers, and Cartographie Psychedelica, a California-based
conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Multidisciplinary
Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). These are some of my

Be Love Now: A Visit with Ram Dass

I vividly remember the intensity and significance of our
first meeting.  He would often do
an exercise with new students that involved sitting across from one another,
eyeball to eyeball, with the instruction, "Anything that comes into your
mind that you don't want to share with me, share with me." 

The Ancient Future of Servant-Leadership

Chakaruna — bridgers — weave between the sacred realm and complex realities of global organizations, working as “servant-leaders.” From Buddhism, to punk, to corporate boardrooms, servant-leaders are necessary catalysts of the emerging evolution.

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