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Robo-Justice For All

SOPA and Protect-IP are threatening to bring rampant surveillance and security to an internet portal near you.  Learn about the impending legislation and the protests against it around the internet. [Video]

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Injustice For All

A new bill signed by the Judiciary Committee will allow for U.S. citizens to be brought up on felony drug conspiracy charges if they express plans to use substances abroad which are banned domestically.


The Scales of Justice in Love and Work

The Saturn-Pluto transit can promote a fear vibration; we may see more freak-outs and chaotic outbursts.  Transmuting this dark shadow, shamanic, cathartic practice will help us navigate the inner friction that is clawing its way to the surface.


Crop Circles: Our creations? Or are we just getting previews?

Quick follow up from me. Thanks for all the comments! Here is a comment from a guy named Jason who wrote to me after reading this piece. Like me, a Brit now living on the U.S. West Coast who had been home visiting family in recent weeks. Thought some of you might find it interesting; I'm sure this is not an isolated experience. Discuss in 200 words or less….

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