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Charles Fourier’s Queer Theory

In a decentralized world of plenty, there's nothing to
fight over, no point to empire. Sexual politics is a game
of sensual largess. Its currency is attraction, the point of the
game is to dispense and distribute the
favors of the favored.

Concerning Terence McKenna’s “Stoned Apes”

In 1992, a new book, Food of the Gods, opened my eyes to TM's theorizing from his experiences tripping, including "stoned
apes," his now famous — or infamous — "theory"
of how psilocybin mushrooms, eaten by ancestral hominids in Africa, catalyzed
the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Collapse and Elections: My Lessons from Katrina

While my long-term vision is a world of empowered, decentralized communities in charge of their own destinies, there's a short term problem we desperately need to address: completely transforming our technology, our energy infrastructure, our economy, our food, manufacturing and transportation systems to a zero carbon basis, and doing it in a way that furthers social justice. I don't think Obama will be our savior. But if he's elected, the wind will shift.

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