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Royal Loo

A Brief History of How We Got Into This Mess

While some praise indoor plumbing and the flush toilet as sterling achievements, for others, it is the height of insanity to use drinking water to dispose of human waste and then wash it away into large bodies of water, spreading the potential for pollution of all Earth’s water bodies.


The Geography of Local

Before we delve into the dilemmas associated with defining “local,”
we first need to consider whether “local” is simply about location and
distance—in other words, the tensions between the point of origin and
the point of consumption. Is “local” just about physical geography?

Voice is Allbig

“Tranced Fixations” — Kerouac’s Breakthrough

On October 7, 1951, Jack went to Birdland to hear the alto saxophonist Lee
Konitz.  The music sounded "so profoundly
interior" to Jack that he was sure very few people would understand it.
In fact, he compared Konitz's extended phrases to the sentences he was
writing lately.  Jack saw that he and the musician were essentially doing the same thing.

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