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Sandro Botticelli La Carte de lEnfer

The Status of Knowledge

Jung thought we have four psychic functions: thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition. It is more often asserted nowadays that humans have seven or more kinds of intelligence.

YO CHING cover

YO CHING: Ancient Knowledge for Streets Today

Chinese people have a saying. If a brother wants to understand life, he shouldn’t read a whole mess of books. He should read one book, over and over, until he understand that shit. Only certain books a brother can spend his lifetime reading. I Ching is one of them.

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Nahualism: The Ancient Knowledge of Dreams

When we go to sleep, the tonal and the nahual come together, forming a unique energy body. When this energy body is formed, we reach the state that in Náhuatl is known as temixoch, that is, a blossom dream, a lucid dream, controlled at will.


The Khanyisa Psychoactive Healing Garden: A Better Life Through Traditional Knowledge

By 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disease in the first
world. Despite all the advantages of western technology, it is clear that we
are all struggling more than ever to deal effectively with the stresses
and challenges of modern day living. Subtle acting African psychoactive traditional medicines called ubulawu hold numerous keys in understanding and effectively treating mental illness and nervous diseases which this story explores..


Eshu and Ananse: Liberation by Subversive Knowledge

Since he
exists at a perpetual beginning, it is possible that for the trickster no
initiation is complete. Humans must be shaken out of ego-bound myopia. Centered but open
to fresh energies from the bush, society must be provoked to reinvent the


The Ascendance of Psychotic Knowledge

We have
entered a period of epistemological chaos. The true condition of our
world, indeed the very nature of our phenomenal reality, including
agreement regarding the meaning of knowledge itself, is completely up
for grabs. This has led to the rise of a new
and unprecedented kind of discourse, which can be categorized as
psychotic knowledge.


Knowledge Reigns Supreme

"Each One, Teach One" is the lesson of the day at The Optimus Academy, a NYC mentoring program rooted in the elements of Hip-Hop. Bear witness to the rise of the B-Boy/B-Grrrl Teacher.

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