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La Nouvelle France 2

Mapping New Lands Amidst Daemons

[Daemonic Dispatches] • An introduction to the column "Daemonic Dispatches," which aims to describe with the cartographer's discerning eye and interpret with the mythographer's spirited clairvoyance the new daemonic lands breaking in upon human consciousness. . . in the spirit of the classic cartographers Samuel de Champlain and Charles Fort.


Our Double Nature

Overcoming duality is a critical step in achieving wholeness, but the mysteries of light and dark are complex and often elusive. The vision of Nature and the vision of Eros belong to the Affirmative Way. The vision of God belongs to the Negative Way.

Crowley THOTH Tarot scans Atu XIII Death

The Serpent’s Promise: The Oldest Exchange of All

As we
seek to experience our primal/cosmic natures, the imagined solution may only be compounding
the problem. If the (ab)use of entheogens
were decimating our own individual "biospheres" and preventing us from having
full access to our faculties, this would exactly mirror the ways in which our
disconnection from the environment has affected the Earth's biosphere.

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