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Speaking With Nature: Black Bear

Many of us know that awesome feeling in the presence of a large, wild creature of nature. In musing with Black Bear, the sacred feminine reveals, “This primal force is who you are.”

Money and the Divine Masculine

I recently attended a ceremony on "the healing of money." Immediately a vivid
image popped into my head of a man, vast and muscular, bound to the
earth with stakes and tethers, straining with every atom of his strength
to free himself and rise up. I knew that the man represented the divine masculine and his bonds were made of money.

A Gate-Crashing Journey at Joshua Tree

Through many years of yoga practice, I had developed an easy talent for accessing unusual
realms of consciousness. Yet I was aware that another set of tools existed for such attainment. Could eating hashish enable me to — as the song by the Doors put it — break on through
to the other side? 

Intuition and Acupuncture

I had always dreamed of writing full time, but instead of being able to delve in with
complete focus, I developed a pattern of procrastination and
self-loathing. There was something missing. A voice was whispering, just beyond my
hearing. Then I had a cathartic realization
that there really are doors of perception.

Crafting Our Activism

A blossoming craftivism movement is a hand-made attempt to playfully ground our most paradoxical human dilemmas.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 19, Nonaccumulation (Pt. 20)

Accumulation adds some measure to our security, but not for long. The mentality of accumulation is
coincident with the ascent of separation, and it is ending in tandem with the Age
of Separation. Accumulation makes no sense for the expanded self of the
gift economy.

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