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The Gold Standard, Chemical Weddings, & the Journey of Zero Distance

The heroic journey usually entails a quest for an object of
highest value. In spiritual language, the object is
enlightenment. In alchemical terms, enlightenment is the recovery of our
true "stellar" nature, the real gold, an "undivided mind." It is more than just a poetic metaphor that the unearthed gold which completes this transformation is sourced primordially in the cataclysmic union of

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Sacred Economics: Chapter 9, “The Story of Value” (Pt. 10)

As our sojourn of separation comes to an end and we reunite
with nature, our attitude of human exceptionalism from the laws of nature is
ending as well. A new economic system is emerging that embodies the new human
identity of the connected self living in cocreative partnership with Earth.


CC-BY: A Step into the Belated Future

Copyright law now protects creative works for almost a
century. At the very least, copyright terms should be
drastically reduced. Of
course, the concept of revising creative compensation is based on the
presumption that we will still use monetary currency with inborn inflation in
the future. But a gradual transition would be better than picking up the pieces in a post-apocalyptic


The Twilight of Money

Economic abstractions keep
functioning only so long as actual goods and services exist to be bought and
sold. The
movement toward abstraction goes so far that the concrete realities are
neglected. In the end the realities trickle away unnoticed, until a shock of
some kind strikes the tower of abstractions built atop the void the realities
once filled, and the whole structure tumbles to the ground.

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Lending a Hand

If you've ever wished you could loan a
few bucks to the owner of a general store in Benin or help a woman in Tajikistan purchase a
computer for her children's education, Kiva is for you.

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Sumerian Economics

About 3100 BC, writing was invented at
Uruk, Sumer.
Writing both is
and represents the new "Creation"
ideology. It wipes out the oral tradition of the Stone Age and erases the
collective memory of a time before hierarchy. In the text we have always been slaves.

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