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Nepal’s Lost Horizon

I began a journey with Nepal and her people in 1993 and was straightaway humbled and magnetized by the culture, larger-than-life mythologies and warm-hearted hospitality.

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The Night Sky, Part One

The 2014 revised edition of The Night Sky completes a nine-book project that began without a blueprint and ran for about thirty-six years while I investigated four main topics—medicine, cosmology, embryology, and consciousness—each from a combination of scientific, anthropological, historical, and esoteric viewpoints. My premise is that science is telling us half or less of what it is doing.


DMT and the Bible: An Interview with Rick Strassman

I was 20 years old one summer day in 1972, watching the sun set from my dorm room, when I vowed to do psychedelic drug research. I knew then that I would use psychopharmacology, Buddhism, and psychoanalytic models in my approach to explicating and utilizing the psychedelic drug effect. But the results of my DMT studies, the goal of nearly 25 years of preparation, study, training, research, and practice showed me that those models were inadequate for fully encompassing the DMT state.

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Coming Out

As a married woman who is both bisexual and polyamorous, I’ve had quite a few tough questions to answer over the years. When my husband and I started dating our mutual girlfriend, it took me a long time to tell certain people about it.

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