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The Everyday, Eclipsed: Oregon Eclipse Festival Review

From August 17—23rd, 2017, 30,000 participants joined an international cast of artists and crew for the Oregon Eclipse Festival. It rivaled Burning Man in its physical size and artistic scope, with a long list of performing bands and DJs, a multitude of interactive installations, workshops and lecture spaces, circus acts and performances.


Out of the Galactic Closet: A Talk with Jonathan Talat Phillips

Being honest meant saying the thing I never wanted to admit publicly – that most of my spiritual initiation involved contact with extraterrestrial spirit guides. We're not talking clunky abduction narratives with 1950's tinfoil ships. This is much more shamanic, interdimensional, highlighted by the creative alchemy of awakening to our galactic brothers and sisters.

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The Electric Jesus an interview with Author Jonathan Talat Phillips

Author, visionary and activist, Jonathan Talat Phillips is traveling the United States with an incredible story to tell.  In his debut book, The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic, Philips undergoes a devastating loss as a media activist, which leads him to embark on a mystical journey involving ayahuasca ceremonies, kundalini awakenings, prankster spirit guides, Christian mysticism, and energy healings to discover visionary ways to help our planet in crisis. On May 17th you can meet Phillips at his public book signing and reading to be held at the Salt Lake Main Library in Conference Room 4, at 7pm.  

terence mckenna interviews ram dass

Halfway Between Hope & Hopelessness

In this playful clip, upcoming Evolver Intensives host, Ram Dass has a conversation with the late Terence McKenna about the evolution of consciousness, psychedelic revelations, the future as an "archaic recursion", the "lineage of miracles" and more. [Video]


Foxes and Reptiles: Psychopathy and the Financial Meltdown

We must
be aware of psychopaths when we design
financial structures. Since psychopaths are a force of nature we are unlikely to
eliminate, we should harness their unique talents to serve the socially
useful purpose of catching other psychopaths. We need a
highly motivated team of clever reptiles and foxes to catch other reptiles and

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Beyond the Shopocalypse (Part Two)

Reverend Billy and his wife Savitri D. talk about the
Rev's campaign to be NYC's mayor. They discuss the
drawbacks of entering the political sphere, but explain the necessity of running against Bloomberg, who the Rev describes as "consumerism in human form."

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