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Co-creating Wellness

Manifest vitality and co-create systemic well-being at Wellness Is Awesome, an interactive community salon with experts on 7 different modalities of holistic healing.

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Creating Social Synergy

We are learning to become cocreators
of the Shift through a variety of processes and practices, but we still face the larger question: Will humanity be able
to act in time to tip the scales in favor of a positive future at the global
level, given the rapid escalation of problems that threaten our survival?


A World-Creating Matrix of Truth

How might we restore the sacred, world-creating Power of Word? Powerful words are those that create a story. Our society's stories include: America, France, money, the government, property, marriage, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, Citibank. It is now time to tell new stories.

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Biofuels and the Rise of Nationalistic Environmentalism

Democracy as we know it will soon fall at the feet of a
nationalistic environmentalism, a movement that may include the destruction of
the global poor among its methods of achieving "sustainability." If
the current rate of biofuels expansion continues, ethanol plants will be
using almost all of the U.S. corn crop within 5-7 years.

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Alexander Supertramp and the Failure of Individualist Escape

Sean Penn's film Into the Wild rekindled the debate surrounding Christopher McCandless's dramatic departure from mainstream culture, and his tragic demise. It forces us to ask: how can we preserve “human community” without “returning to civilization?”


Of TAKSU: The Perfectly Attuned State of Listening

"Just understand what
we're doing on stage is a ritual – that it could lift us a little bit further," said my teacher. "And if the actors stay connected through their
will force, they may reach this special place the Balinese call TAKSU."

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