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How is a “Spiritual Person” Supposed to Act?

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as spiritual progress.  Like
anything else, as you practice, you get better at it in terms of observable changes to the mind. If you do the work, it happens at its own
pace.  You can't rush it, but you needn't supervise it either. 


Singularities and Nightmares

Let me offer a
few possibilities about the days lie ahead — changes that may occur within
the next twenty or so years, roughly a single human generation, possibilities
that are taken seriously by some of today's best minds, potential
transformations of life on Earth and, perhaps, even what it means to be

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Synaesthetic Surround: Dreamtime Meets Brainwave Science

[The Healing Journey] • Fire was the first brainwave stimulation device. This is one reason we can spend hours staring into a fire in such a calm, evocative and viscerally contemplative way. Add a version of storytelling . . . then add a version of music . . . and you have Synaesthetic Surround, current science’s take on fireside dreamtime.  

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