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Origins of Superstitions

Many of us engage in superstitious rituals — like saying “God Bless You” when someone sneezes, or exercising extreme caution around mirrors — without being able to explain why. In the video series “Origins: Superstitions,” filmmaker Ronni Thomas and I explore the origins of some of the most enduring superstitions.

Do You Really Need A Psychic ?

Psychology is the scientific study of mental functions and behaviours. Psychological study was there even centuries ago and have progressed much with the passage of time. There are times when you need some honest opinion about your next move.


There is No Counterculture (Apply Within)

Is there a point in talking about a counterculture anymore? What is a counterculture, anyway? In a world of disposable content, is a counterculture possible? Or does counterculture depend in fact on that very disposability, such as with graffiti culture?


Prelude to the Metaphysics of Ping-Pong

One summer the philosopher of science Rupert Sheldrake and his family paid us a visit. I gave the two boys rackets: they were hooked. They now have a table of their own. Whenever we visit, we play for hours. Eventually, we realized what was intriguing us: the fact that ping-pong is
strikingly non-Euclidean.


Does Prophecy Work?

What exactly is prophecy? Can we trust it? The esoteric tradition teaches that the future is, at least in principle, knowable. One theory holds that there exists a realm of
images and forms, which has many names in many traditions. The
Kabbalists call it the world of Yetzirah, or "formation."


New Ways to Dream Electric Sheep: An Interview with Scott Draves

Scott Draves is the brains behind the crowdsourced
iterative screensaver known as the Electric Sheep, a continually
evolving abstract animation with over 450,000 participants. Individual Sheep animations are voted on by
participants; the more popular sheep live longer and reproduce
according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over.

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