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As Above, So Below: The Worldview of Lynn Margulis

Biologist and geoscientist Lynn
Margulis composed a
grand and powerful view of the living and the non-living through her uncanny ability to lean forward and see the
smallest inhabitants of the Earth and then to leap back at the
speed of thought to conceptualize the entire planet. This seeing from soil to space marked a unique scientific endeavor.

Downward is the Only Way Forward: Following Inception’s Dream Trail

One of Inception’s less erroneous statements about dreaming is that it
feels real while it’s happening; the surreality becomes apparent only
after waking up. So naturally I wondered if, for example, the people
sitting around me in the theater were actually part of a dream. But who
was dreaming it?

Fourth-Level Digital Dharma: The Broken Heart of Television

At the fourth level of the digital dharma path, values are held at the heart chakra. This center's work is to integrate the reality of life's
limitations with our dreams of a world of unconditional love. Out in the
Infosphere, these are the same polarities held for us by the medium of

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