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Modern Muslims use dreams to make major life decisions – Durham University

Modern Muslims use dreams to make major life decisions The traditional practice of using night dreams to make major life decisions is in widespread use among modern Muslims, reveals a new study. Interviews with 60 Muslims in the UK, North America, Europe and Pakistan have revealed that night dreams are being used to make choices on issues like marriage, business, career development and politics.

The Reality of Faith

At any given moment I can find a good reason to believe that this world is dominated by hate and evil and unaccountable violence. I have learned that in order to survive, I must cultivate my faith in the existence of unique, personal, and unconditional love and support available for every individual to personally experience at any time.

Why Following Your Bliss is Bullshit

Once we pull back the veil and dissolve the illusory hype about following our bliss, we see that this whole arena of living our soul purpose, following our daemon, giving our talent and artistry, is a real gift of lasting value.

The Sikh Temple Shootings and Daemonic Possession

Summer in the USA we've now witnessed our second public shooting spree.  A Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin became
the target for another attack.  In a broader, evolutionary context these
attacks aren't about darkness or evil as much as they are about daemonic

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