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Making Art Conscious: A Discussion About Youniverse

The Youniverse exhibit at the cultural institution apexart centers around consciousness, creative and contemplative practices. It offers experiences to the public from about fifty practitioners for free until December 17. Organizer hannes bend talks to some of the project contributors in this dialogue.



I didn’t start the Zuckerberg controversy, that was started by Google in 2008, but I ENDED IT with my amazingly successful Facebook posts. And I really have to congratulate myself on my successful winning with that, and the truly amazing things . . .

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Technology Is Making These 10 Jobs Obsolete

According to this infographic. HR software provider CIPHR created an infographic outlining 10 different professions that technological advances are rendering obsolete. They range from expected, like travel agents, to surprising.

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Entering the Mythic Journey and Making Your Soul

Everyone craves an enlarged perception of themselves and the world, a deeper emotional connection to their
own hearts and to the hearts of others, a wilder capacity for joy—yet we have almost no societally sanctioned space for this endeavor.

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