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The Government Wants to Buy 12 Acres of Marijuana-For Research

The NIH is looking for pot farmers Calling all pot farmers: Uncle Sam is looking to buy. An arm of the National Institutes of Health dedicated to researching drug abuse and addiction “intends” to solicit proposals from those who can “harvest, process, analyze, store and distribute” cannabis, according to a listing posted Tuesday night on a federal government website.

Why Marijuana Often Leads To Paranoia

It’s no secret that marijuana makes you paranoid, but now there’s an Oxford University study proving it, as reported by WebMD: An in-depth investigation has concluded that people who smoke cannabis are much more likely to have paranoia than people who don’t.

House Approves Amendment to Stop Medical Marijuana Raids

The amendment, which would have to pass muster in the Senate to take effect, prohibits the Justice Department, which includes the Drug Enforcement Administration, from spending taxpayers’ money on raids or other attempts to stop medical use of marijuana in the 22 states that allow it.

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