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Clearing the Road: Lessons from the Ancient Maya

I sincerely doubt there will be any peak moment of terrestrial catastrophe in connection with the passing of 13 pik (December 21, 2012). Yet I still feel compelled to scream out a warning. The natural world bestowed upon us by infinitely complex processes of creation, in many very real ways, is actually ending.

Interview With ill-ēsha

Elysha Zaide, ill-ēsha, is an eclectic, awe-inspiring artist in our underground community. Intrigued by how real and authentic ill-ēsha has remained in the game, I reached out to see what this Vancouver, British Columbia-born artist is up to now.

Empowering Public Wisdom: Chapter 6

Without deliberation we don’t get public wisdom. Even in an individual, wisdom does not come from experience or teachings alone. How do we generate public wisdom with, by, and for a whole population?

Psychedelic Sobriety: An Interview with Peter Bebergal

In his memoir, Too Much to
Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood, Bebergal's interviews with psychedelic luninaries and his reflections on personal experience form the basis for a historical study of
psychedelics in American culture, providing a unique perspective on how popular culture affects what has in the past been the sole domain
of sacred ritual.

The Next Net

The Internet as built will always be subject to government control and corporate domination. We must smash the fiction
that it is some sort of uncontrollable, decentralized free-for-all,
so that we can get on with creating something else that is.
I've decided to convene a summit called

Elationship Love Spells for Beauty & Truth

If you're a Crafty Optimist or Mystical Activist or Ceremonial Teaser
who aspires to put the elation back in relationship, you're invited to
plagiarize any part of these for your own use.

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