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Five Ways Materialists Beg the Question

In this essay, I want to summarize some of the common ways in which materialists beg the question: that is, the ways in which they argue for the validity of materialism by assuming materialism in the argument. The circularity of their reasoning becomes clear once it’s pointed out, but it is astonishing how often educated, intelligent materialists fall for it.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 23, A New Materialism (Pt. 24)

Most of this book has been about money, which is the usual subject of
“economics” today. On a deeper level, though, economics should be about things, specifically the things that human beings create, why they create them, who gets to use them, and how they circulate.

American Materialism: The Elephant in the Middle of the Room

In the absence of an integrated consciousness, Pluto takes over and compels actions that defy our more refined values. An example of this drive at work is the "New
American Century," a
geopolitical plan whereby our corporate titans would control all of the world's energy resources. 

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