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Artistic Independence and Social Media: Interview with DIY Multimedia Icon Jean Smith

Feminist multimedia artist, singer, and writer Jean Smith – best known as the singer in the iconic underground rock band Mecca Normal – quit her part time job to sell her paintings online. As she shares her latest paintings on Facebook, she allows her fans to follow the rapid evolution of her work. This is the second in a series of interviews with artists working through Facebook to reach audiences.

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For Immediate Release: Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York

For Immediate Release: DARK TALES FROM ELDER REGIONS: NEW YORK– (Myth Ink Books; On Sale November 23rd 2014 Trade Paperback, 398 pgs, 19 Stories, 20 Illustrations, Color Cover, B/W Internal Illustrations $24.95, $23.70 on, with contributions by Award Winning, Best Selling Authors and is an all new annual anthology to focus on a different…

Yokai Tale by point2point

Japanese Media and Psychedelic Yokai

The popularity of monster hunting culture in the demon blood-soaked West comes from its prehistoric psychedelic origins, when our ancestors freely indulged in visionary plants and found themselves living in the enchanted world of laughing fairies.

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How NBC and Our Reactionary Media Perpetuate the War on Drugs

Journalists are no less likely to take drugs than anyone else-indeed, in my admittedly anecdotal experience, they’re more likely to use. You’d think that this would make us especially skeptical both about federal policies that failed to prevent our own drug-taking and about extreme claims about drug users.

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Media Reacts: A Christmas Present Or Two Or Ten Edition

In this video, news anchors across the country read the same scripted message, encouraging their viewers to shop for themselves (in other words, more!) this holiday season. Mainstream media may be presenting unified propaganda through local networks more than we think. Encourage those around you to seek out alternative news sources like Reality Sandwich and think for themselves!