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Sleuthing An Immortal Goddess

And there in that vast expanse where I was alone the walls and ceiling shimmered with diamonds, rubies, bone, ivory, emeralds, sapphires and every other precious thing in blinding shades of white. Then she arrived in the corner of my mind’s eye, HER, SHE, …


John Major Jenkins 1964-2017

Jonathan Zap will talk about the life and work of his friend, Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins, on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, late Mon. night to Tue morning (see article for times and ways to listen).

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Lucid Dreaming Machines

The first lucid-dream machine was created in 1983 by English psychologist Keith Hearne, and there have been numerous attempts to create similar devices since then.

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Cosmic Consciousness, Transcendence and Dissociation

The distinction between dissociation and transcendence is not always easy to make. At Harvard in the early 1960s, we experimented with DMT. While most of us found the experience to be chaotic and dissociative, one of our visitors assumed a yoga posture and sat in deep meditative absorption for 40 minutes, thanked us and left. The ability to make sense of the experience would certainly be a function of having had some prior experiences of transcendent consciousness…

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Stephen Hawking and the Black Hole Information Paradox

Information can’t be lost when a black hole evaporates, as it was never an aspect of tangible existence to begin with. Despite the readings of a measuring apparatus, from its own perspective the quantum is never quite lured into the trap of definite form in a distinct moment to be instantly sucked into a dead past. When it comes to information, the next moment never arrives because the quantum, like the conscious, is forever now.


Astrology at the Edge of Consciousness

After the ceremony, a man with a video recorder asked me, "What did you
see?" "I saw my own birth," I said. Four years later, I devoted myself
to the study of birth charts and the planets. That's how it

Astrology 101 from the Plant Teachers.

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