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Living in Dangerous Times

I consider television, and most recently the development of social media, to be the most powerful mind-control ‘drugs’ that have yet been developed, with their effectiveness at influencing and controlling docile (and often legally sedated) populations unparalleled in human history.

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Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

Our failure to adequately limit carbon emissions comes not because the movement is too radical, but because it is not radical enough to challenge the key narratives of our civilization that the movement itself embodies.

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Living Small

The tiny house movement is a beautiful, constructive act of rebellion against a culture where overconsumption, going into debt and overwork are the norm.


Toward a Spiritual Economics

Many people think that capitalism and market economics grew
out of materialist philosophy that classical physics has given us. But this is
myopic thinking of people who have missed the evolution of consciousness in the
affairs of the manifest world.

The Egyptian Pursuit of Happiness

Consciousness is a continuous process of unfolding, punctuated by
dislocations and reunions; the Osiris myth marks many of the key points in this
evolution. Indeed, it is a priceless alchemical myth of existence given to us
by nature and sculpted by humankind.

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