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The Altered States of America

The Altered States of America

America has been momentously interrupted. During our altered consciousness we are expressing outrage against racist injustice in a system that must change.

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Ensconced in Eros, Bathed in Beauty

Allowing Eros in our hearts and bodies probably will not happen in the midst of traumatic or life-threatening situations. However, as soon as possible after the emergency passes, the body and psyche need the comfort and healing salve of Eros.

Phoenix Fabelwesen

The Rise of Empathic Consciousness

The esoteric is the heart of civilization. And should the outward forms of a human civilization become totally unable to contain and adapt the energies of great spiritual teachings, then that civilization has ceased to serve its function in the universe.

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Endgame of an Era

As a civilization we are in the throes of living out an “endgame.” This is not the endgame of our species or any similar dire situation – but the endgame of an era.

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