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Amanda Charchian

Blurring boundaries, Charchian creates multimedia experiences that blend Pre-Raphaelite appreciation for the magical beauty of nature, with elements of psychedelic aesthetics, informed by the long tradition of esoteric art.

DJ Turner and The Spark Documentary

Nat Turner was a teacher in New York when the plight of the lower 9th
ward in hurricane ravaged New Orleans moved him to drive a blue school
bus there.  Nat turned the ruin of a grocery store into an alternative
school for at-risk youth.  While teaching his students he pays them to
grow food, which he sells to local restaurants to support the school.

Extremist Art: A Talk with Nick Zedd

The Internet has become the perfect tool of
mind control. FB and the Net are SOMA. Huxley predicted it in Brave New World.
We are enslaved by distractions and easy pleasures that cater to our
narcissism and prejudice.
It's better to be outside al…

Raw Magic: An Interview with Superfood Expert Kate Magic

Call me a hippie, but I've always had a vision of a better world. Of
people living in love peace and unity. And I believe that change begins
in ourselves, in our hearts. When I discovered raw foods, I knew I had
found a way to facilitate that change both in my own personal life, and
to influence others to make that change.  It's this vision that propels

An Interview with John Trudell

At the beginning of Trudell the documentary there is a quote from an
FBI memo: "He is extremely eloquent…therefore extremely
dangerous." For years John has portrayed law
enforcement as the security force for corporations, allowing them to cheaply extract natural resources at a high cost in life. He reminds us the war against natives is ongoing.

The Yin of Civilization: An Interview with Brian Griffith

I thought women's
religions were a thing of the past, blown away a long time ago by whatever means necessary. So I wondered, how would
women make religion if left to their own devices? And I realized the answer was
staring us all in the face. The great women's religions of India or China were standing there, popular as ever, in the modern world.

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