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The Alternative Currents Tour Network

In an age of increasing crisis, touring musicians have more of an opportunity to spearhead positive change. With the "Alternative Currents Tour" Network, we can change the way touring is currently practiced in the world of music, and help bring some balance back to the economy.


Psychiatry Almost Drove Me Crazy

In its initial stage, a
spiritual awakening can look like a nervous breakdown. My experience was so off psychiatry's
map that it wasn't even remotely recognized. I was immediately labeled
as sick.

The Alternative Currents Tour

   The independent music scene today exists within the confines of a new paradigm. The old world is struggling to stand as a new one is sprouting legs. The DIY ethic has more of a chance than ever before to shine through, and artists who wish to live by some form of ethical template have more of a chance to do so. 

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The Current Global Crisis and the Future of Humanity

Modern science could solve most of the urgent problems in today's world. Yet the problems that stand in the way are not economical or technological; their deepest sources lie inside the human personality. After more 50 years of intensive study of holotropic states of consciousness, I have come to the conclusion that the theoretical concepts and practical approaches developed by transpersonal psychology could help alleviate the current global crisis. These observations suggest a radical psychospiritual transformation of humanity is not only possible, but is already underway.

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Empowering Public Wisdom: Chapter 6

Without deliberation we don’t get public wisdom. Even in an individual, wisdom does not come from experience or teachings alone. How do we generate public wisdom with, by, and for a whole population?


Empowering Public Wisdom

revolution in decision-making that citizen deliberative councils offer us is of
comparable magnitude to the revolution in decision-making created centuries ago
by the idea of majority vote. It can be applied virtually anywhere, and it could
make all the difference in the world.

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