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Psychiatry Almost Drove Me Crazy

In its initial stage, a
spiritual awakening can look like a nervous breakdown. My experience was so off psychiatry's
map that it wasn't even remotely recognized. I was immediately labeled
as sick.


Recent Shifts in Social Change: From the IONS Shift Report

From the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers to Burners Without Borders, new strains of "sacred activism" that blend inner spiritual work and outer social engagement are emerging in the global consciousness to challenge traditional paradigms and reinvigorate movements for social change. Are we are entering the age of Re-Enlightenment?

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Living in Dangerous Times

I consider television, and most recently the development of social media, to be the most powerful mind-control ‘drugs’ that have yet been developed, with their effectiveness at influencing and controlling docile (and often legally sedated) populations unparalleled in human history.


Butch Bellbird

The most recent subversion of gender roles in animals comes from the animal sanctuary Zealandia, where the first ever transgender bellbird was


Love as the Force of Revolution: The Occupy Movement and Beyond

The Occupy movement is the most recent example of the collective mind beginning to
center on love-consciousness.  Thousands of
years of heart-centered practices are beginning to influence current patterns of activity.  Transformative
spiritual principles and methods are becoming more easily known.

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