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March Madness and Muscular Christianity

Presbyterian minister James Naismith is an important Muscular Christian. For him, basketball was a means to evangelize people about morality and Christian values, and to help turn the male body into a strong, Christian, masculine machine.

The Healing Wisdom of the Serpent

While the DNA double helix may well be the source of serpent visions in ayahuasca at the molecular level, another source at the ordinary botanical level could be that the ayahuasca potion is a concoction of the bark of the snakelike vine Banisteriopsis caapi and the leafy DMT-containing plant Psychotria viridis.

Our Bodies: Makers of Meaning

It is impossible to draw a hard boundary between our physical selves and the world. No longer fixed by the boundary of the skin, we can understand ourselves to be permeable, changeable, responsive to the thoughts in our minds.

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