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Gods of the Waters: An Interview with a Shuar Shaman

An interview with Hilario Chiriap, a traditional Ecuadorian shaman from the Shuar tribe, where shamanism is traditionally characterized by rivalry and aggressive confrontations. However, Hilario considers it necessary to collaborate with as many shamans from different South American regions as possible.


Uprisings and Wind Over Water

The current astrological transits reflect the idea of increased civic/political tensions, as well as uprisings. The 59th Hexagram of the I Ching offers an appropriate remedy.


Power for the People —From Water

Earth is a blue jewel in our
solar system—the water-rich planet. Will we use our emerging crises to employ harmonious technologies to restore watersheds,
cleanse rivers and oceans, and ultimately create a higher civilization?


Let These Waters Pour Back to the Ocean: Rethinking the Psi Debate

A system is a construct, not an innate
organism, and it seems that psi phenomena can act as agents of change
and growth within a system when it gets too close to stasis.
Mysterious events are cracks in the wall that let the light shine through. One
must realize, though, that the light can be blinding.


Rain and Clean Water: Purifying the Mind, Cleansing the Body

Today, the Nile, Colorado,
and Yellow Rivers no longer flow to the ocean. Where creeks and streams once ran full of life, there are now
only dried veins stitched into the Earth's flesh. We are sucking dry the blood within our own bodies. We are
head­ing irrevocably into a disaster. 

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The Age of Water

For tens of thousands of years, fire has defined our civilization. But the Age of Fire is rapidly drawing to a close. With the dawning of the Age of Water, we recognize the unique, enspirited nature of each drop of water and indeed every substance in the universe.

kambo therapy for the elites

Kambo Therapy for the Elites

Wellness seekers across the West Coast go to extreme lengths to enhance their health. In search of this optimal state of being, diet trends like celery juice, intermittent fasting, and keto rise in the ranks of the latest trends. It seems like a new HIIT gym or Whole30 diet challenge is launching among co-workers and …

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