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Free Oshan

Oshan has been building a community tea house called "Om Shan Tea" tea temple in the Mission District for the last several years. Now this dear friend has been put in jail and is facing a probable sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison for possession of psychedelics. 

sperm and egg full

Sex-free Babies

Reproduction of the species no longer needs the copulation of a male and a female as scientists have successfully created sperm and eggs from stem cells.


Free Will: The Last Gasp of the Unenlightened Mind

Some believe that without free will, we are mere biological instruments, with no soul.  But from a nondual perspective, this argument is theologically backward. The autonomous soul isn't the gateway to God; it's the gateway to delusion.  This is the yetzer hara, the selfish, separating and, occasionally, evil inclination that sees the self as the center of the universe. 

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