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New Perspectives on a Ketamine K-Hole

New Perspectives on a K-Hole

Cambridge researchers study the effects of ketamine on sheep. Their findings explore what happens to the brain during a K-hole.

psychedelic breathwork

Psychedelic Breathwork

In the 1970s, psychedelic breathwork was created by doctors who had been using LSD to treat patients with various psychological disorders.


In the Valley of the Soul

Why do we tend to guru-ize the shaman? How do we reconcile our fantasies of what
the shaman should be with what is often a very different reality? In this conversation, Stephan Beyer, Stanley Krippner, and
Hillary S. Webb discuss the Western world's
intellectual and spiritual fascination with shamanic practices.


The Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption

Together, we’re learning that instead of waiting for politicians and corporations to fix the system, it’s possible to create a better one of our own, right under their noses. If you’re ready to connect with people who can help you save money, pursue your passions, and reduce waste, here's a quick-start guide to your sharing experience.

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