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Autumn Ascension: Uranus-Pluto PT. 2 + Equinox Activations

The first few exact alignments may be a little more rough and tumble
than the later alignments as we brace ourselves through the shifts.  We must purge our extra weight,
which includes unleashing unconscious control issues, challenging
us to reinvent ourselves as we destroy the old patterns and move beyond
our previous limits.


University of Hope

There's a new wave in higher education as the first tuition-free online university offers courses to students all across the globe.

RUsirius 0

Future Mutations: An Interview with RU Sirius

RU Sirius is a writer, musician, and one-time presidential candidate best known for co-founding and editing the early '90s psychedelic cyberculture magazine Mondo 2000. In this interview, RU explores Open Source politics, transhumanism, and the wisdom of Robert Anton Wilson. "There's this group mutation that seems to have grown out of the counterculture – a new and possibly evolutionary, collaborationalist mind-meld."

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