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Mindapps and the Neurosingularity Project

Rather than just enhancing current human thinking skills, is the neurosingularity (the idea that future human brains will surpass ours of today) also likely to increase the kinds and number of our brain-based information systems? How might psychedelics contribute?

Plant Intelligence

The deep intelligence possessed by plants has been explored and discussed by many people of note over the past several centuries. Nevertheless, their research and findings have usually been dismissed.

Wild Water

Until recently, human beings
drank exclusively of a water that could be described as "whole" or
"wild." The removal of dissolved minerals and trace
elements from water through filtration and distillation poses health concerns. Should you be drinking processed water?

Raw Magic: An Interview with Superfood Expert Kate Magic

Call me a hippie, but I've always had a vision of a better world. Of
people living in love peace and unity. And I believe that change begins
in ourselves, in our hearts. When I discovered raw foods, I knew I had
found a way to facilitate that change both in my own personal life, and
to influence others to make that change.  It's this vision that propels

Left in the Dark: The Origins of our Species-Wide Insanity

When our ancient ancestors were ejected from the forest's womb-like protection that had hot housed our evolution, the neural system it nurtured was exposed to the kinds of hostile ecological and biochemical environments it had not encountered for millions of years. Since that time our brain has suffered a progressive and catastrophic failure in its development.

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