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Biochemistries in Love

"love hormone" oxytocin is actually more properly identified as a neuropeptide
because it acts not just within your body but also within your brain.
Oxytocin has long been known to play a key role within social bonding
and attachment.

Love’s Evolution is My Resolution

Love's evolution is my resolution, my revolution, my solution. The time is now. 2012 is upon us. The beginning is here! It's time to come to our senses, and wake up! Listen — can you hear the
alarm bells ringing? Can you hear the cries of Mother Earth?

Dangerous Love

On Oct 24, Evolver SLC is holding a special screening of the documentary, "I'm Dangerous With Love", by Michel Negroponte, that follows the underground practice of administering the psychedelic plant medicine, Iboga. [Video]

Elationship Love Spells for Beauty & Truth

If you're a Crafty Optimist or Mystical Activist or Ceremonial Teaser
who aspires to put the elation back in relationship, you're invited to
plagiarize any part of these for your own use.

Are You an Enlightened Lover?

Evolver Intensives presents the next Teleseminar series, "The Sexual Evolution:  Using advanced techniques of ecstasy to reach higher states of health and happiness".

The Scales of Justice in Love and Work

The Saturn-Pluto transit can promote a fear vibration; we may see more freak-outs and chaotic outbursts.  Transmuting this dark shadow, shamanic, cathartic practice will help us navigate the inner friction that is clawing its way to the surface.

Sustainable Love

If we as a species cannot achieve sustainable love, then I don’t want
to be on this planet: trees or no trees, ice-caps or no ice-caps. There’s
a lot of work to do right now. A huge part of that work involves
re-learning how to love each other on romanti…

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