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Parenting and psychedelics

“But What Will People Say?”: Mom & trauma survivor says taking psychedelics was the right choice

I have not been much of a substance user in my lifetime, sans an addiction to Diet Coke. I was raised during the peak of the War on Drugs, and the message that controlled substances were wrong and harmful was effectively drilled into my head.  I have spent a lifetime feeling disconnected from other people. …

“But What Will People Say?”: Mom & trauma survivor says taking psychedelics was the right choice Read More »


Power for the People —From Water

Earth is a blue jewel in our
solar system—the water-rich planet. Will we use our emerging crises to employ harmonious technologies to restore watersheds,
cleanse rivers and oceans, and ultimately create a higher civilization?


Poetry Occupies the People’s Library

In the fall of 2011, a visionary sub-group of OWS protesters lived in Zuccotti Park, connecting to each other through the language of poetry. Since their forced removal by Bloomberg, librarian Stephen J. Boyer has committed his efforts towards compiling and publishing The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, a "spiritual biography of the movement."


Architectural Myopia: Designing for Industry, Not People

A culture based upon an abstract, disconnected
conception of space is re-shaping our world for the worse. A
parallel reality is replacing the living one. Architects have been commissioned to
destroy historic buildings and urban spaces worldwide. Such interventions are
praised by their promoters but are disastrous for the urban fabric. 


Original Wealth and People’s Capitalism

While England and the other European nations saw exploitation as the natural scheme of things, America’s founders had a more enlightened understanding of how to thrive without exploiting or being exploited. What if each nation had a mission for maximizing happiness in the world, in its own unique way?

511px Jaguar warrior big

Kung Fu: Preparation for Armageddon

While modern artillery might have rendered
traditional hand-to-hand combat obsolete, martial arts and yoga
attendance is skyrocketing. Perhaps by embracing
the warrior archetype we can reduce the need for mass
armed conflict and survive this coming age.

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