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Lady Gaga Born This Way Feb28newsnea

Lada Gaga: The Visionary Rebirth of the Divine Mother Monster

Lady Gaga is a visionary pop star icon for the 21st century and the emerging new paradigm. She communes with her fans intimately through Facebook, Twitter and videos with an incredibly open heart, and seems to be saying over and over again that the core of her message is about how to love oneself.


Playing the Infinite Game

Evolution, life, mind, and the technium are infinite games.
Their game is to keep the game going. To keep all participants playing as long
as possible. They do that, as all infinite games do, by playing around with the
rules of play. The evolution of evolution is just that kind of play.


A Strange and Humbling Trip

My face was new to me and yet I knew the woman in the mirror. I tried to grasp a feeling or thought so I could evaluate it but everything came and went so fast there was no room for judgment. I needed to define who I was. I was afraid of being nothing if I could not control my mind. Me just seemed to go on without me.