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Alternative Economics

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Money and the Crisis of Civilization
By Charlie Eisenstein 

The Gold Standard, Chemical Weddings, & the Journey of Zero Distance

The heroic journey usually entails a quest for an object of
highest value. In spiritual language, the object is
enlightenment. In alchemical terms, enlightenment is the recovery of our
true "stellar" nature, the real gold, an "undivided mind." It is more than just a poetic metaphor that the unearthed gold which completes this transformation is sourced primordially in the cataclysmic union of

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The Creative Economy

There is no shortage of people who want to
do creative work and no shortage of creativity. What is scarce is the money to
pay them. If the creative class were a marginal, fringe sector of our economy,
this apparent lack of collective value might make some sense on a superficial
level, but in fact research shows that the creative class is central to
economic success.

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