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The Universal Heart

The shaman is the pure embodiment of Love. He
spent every waking moment giving of himself and healing our
spirits, as the true
embodiment of self-sacrifice. I understand now why the Peruvian shamans had no issue
with adopting the Christ story into the Pachakúti Mesa tradition. 

Kurtz in Birkenstocks

[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] • After five days at the Thai meditation retreat, I had yet to find a proper teacher. When I met Roger, I launched into a capsule version of my checkered spiritual past, the eclectic influences; my suspicion of organized religion. As best as I could, I described the harrowing quality of those early mystical experiences. "It was as if I had died," I told him. "You did die," he said with a big smile.

Avian Flu: The Next Great Pandemic Threat

Since 2003, an avian influenza virus called H5N1 has been killing large
numbers of poultry – and occasionally people. But while public concern over bird flu has faded in recent years, the risk to humans has increased. A look at the history of pandemic flu can help us understand why the H5N1 virus remains a serious threat to mankind.

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