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Guatemala looking at legalized poppy production

Searching for alternatives to the failed war on drugs, the Government of Guatemala is looking at poppy production in a legal and controlled manner. President Otto Perez Molina’s was the only voice raised in the Western Hemisphere in support of the Government of Uruguay authorizing the legalization of marijuana.

The Process is the Product

What might happen if a rock band, instead of just seeing fans as an income flow and an ego booster, focused that admiration and energy toward a cultural- and lifestyle-directing network?  What would happen if we created a "paramilitary occult organization" that shared demystified magickal techniques?

The Political Economy of Peer Production

The P2P (peer-to-peer) revolution didn't end with Napster. P2P is giving rise to a new mode of production, a new mode of governance, and a new mode of property. It is poised to overhaul our political economy in unprecedented ways.

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