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Preparing a Proper Ayahuasca Brew

This article documents many of the guidelines for
preparing yagé according to standards which the Secoya say come down to
them from the Ñañë Siecopai, the Multicolored People of God.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 4, “The Trouble with Property” (Pt. 5)

The realization that property is theft usually incites
a rage and desire for vengeance against the thieves. Matters are not so simple. The owners of wealth play a role
that is created and necessitated by the great invisible stories of our
civilization that compel us to turn the world into property and money whether
we are aware of doing so or not.

Proper Conditions for Magic: The Shen Tao Approach to Dance

In this age of decreasing physical activity and overworked
brain activity, how do we come home to ourselves in the most efficient and
effective manner?  How do we train intensively without self violence? 
In this interview, Bill Hedberg discusses the Shen Tao approach to
physical conditioning.

Fred Astaire in the White House

Remember Obama's campaign slogan? "Yes we can." Yes we can what? Stand the robot of monoculture up on its wheels again? Our challenge goes beyond universal health care, economy, and environment. It is no less than pulling the plug on 8000 years of Empire.

Spiritual Healing in the Dream House

An interview with
Rocky Caravelli about his work with the Dream House, a drug addiction
treatment center in Mexico that uses the plant extract ibogaine to
heal addiction.

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