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Standing Rock: Water Is Life

What the current pipeline dispute in North Dakota is really all about is how we, as the human family, wish to live in the twenty-first century. Two very different philosophies and lifeways are at issue, one deeply connected to spirit and the sacred beauty of Mother Earth, the other utterly disconnected, regarding the material realm as nothing more than an economic resource.



Fasting enhances detoxification, reduces inflammation, and increases production of antioxidants. It targets the feminine
DNA of mitochondria improving energy production, brain function, and clarity, and accesses healing feminine energy.

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Synthetic Madness

The nation may soon be ready to sweep dangerous, store-bought synthetic drugs off the map, as marijuana simultaneously gets a shot at defederalization.

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Falling Through the Looking Glass

To really engage the creative process you cannot merely look through a
sealed looking glass into an alternate reality, you must fall through
the looking glass and allow yourself to be swept along by the current.


Leaving Home

All religious traditions employ the theme — Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammad left home. Indigenous seekers go into the wilderness alone to fast and pray. Exile is basic to the great epic literatures. It means
setting aside security and comfort and shoving off for parts unknown with no road map and no guarantee of
finding your way.

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