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Elvis the Seeker

One day, on a break during the filming of Harum Scarum, Elvis looked up from reading Autobiography of a Yogi and told a stunned Larry Geller that he wanted to be initiated into Kriya Yoga. The Memphis Mafia was not going to like this.

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Death and Beyond: Science at the Edge of the Known

Like most people, I was familiar with the
‘bright light at the end of the tunnel' scenario, but that was
all I knew. As it turned out, I was forced to grapple with a number of
tough findings, the result being the formation of a new concept
concerning the creative nature of the unconscious.

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Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 2)

The discovery of mirror neurons marks an Archimedean point (a God's eye
view) from which all human knowledge can now be rethought and all our
models of reality must be reformulated. The reason, in simple language,
is that mirror neurons present us with a solid scientific basis for
telepathy, and the existence of telepathy changes everything.

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