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The Lesson of 1967: An Interview with Danny Goldberg

Danny Goldberg’s new book “In Search of the Lost Chord,” an antidote to 2017, introduces us to inspiring political and artistic good examples, and bad ones whose mistakes we can learn from, like a guide to people, events and culture worthy of further research.

How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny

For six weeks in early 2012 I ran for the office of President of the
United States of America.  I was accepted by the Reform Party, created We the
People Reform Coalition, and wrote letters to every single candidate
for President.  This is my report.

Peace Education

The main challenge for
peace educators is to become genuine examples to the children. When we have cultivated the art of being at peace, we will be able to
meet the children without judgment, without fear. Teaching thus becomes a spiritual issue, a process of

The Empire Has No Clothes

home has been moved from the center of culture by the
force of the marketplace.
This devolutionary move has robbed us of the
ability to care in simple, basic ways for ourselves, our
families, our
communities and the earth. Bringing the home back to the
center of culture
where it belongs will create a meaningful path toward a
regenerative future.

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

If the global economy were broken up into local units, would there be any need for national governments? Would it not make more sense for governments to scale down to the size of the economic units? The decentralization and democratization of the exchange process can only be achieved through traders establishing their own mutual credit clearing circles and independent private and community currencies.

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

Even if governments did have the will and the power to wrest control of the issuance of credit from the banking cartel, the situation would not be a lot different. The historical record suggests that where governments have come out on top their monopolization of credit has led to militarization, wars, expansion and a weakening of democratic processes.

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