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Never Let Your Reality Define Your Reality

Our rite of passage into adulthood requires that we begin taking
reality into our own hands. If the trajectory of evolution
is taking us home from the Hero’s Journey, back down to
earth, then learning how to create something out of nothing is our lesson at
this time.

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What is Reality?

What is accounted as real must, among other things, accord with our preconceptions. Nonetheless, the content of our preconceptions may differ wildly according to time and place. Many cultures give far more credence than we do to ghosts, spirits, good and evil, possession, and witchcraft. So did Western civilization five hundred years ago.

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From Burning Man to Standing Rock

An in-depth conversation with Bianca Heyming: herbalist, healer, co-founder of the eco-village and intentional community Emerald Village in California, Burner, and Standing Rock water protector.

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Never Trust a “Winner”

A person, like Trump, who needs to call themselves a “winner” is a weak and brittle narcissist with a two-dimensional mind that desperately needs others to be losers so that they can prop up their inflated, hollow self-esteem.

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Groundwater: The Problem of God

To live, in any true sense, is to have a connection with this Spirit. The Spirit must “water” the surface crust of physical reality. We can imagine this process as involving wells, or springs, that connect the two levels of being.

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Restoring Communities

While it’s impractical for us to share every aspect of nature with one another, it’s possible to share the monetary value that we assign to nature. By sharing we can unleash a cultural, technological, ecological, and spiritual renaissance.

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